Can you build a Nikola Tesla Generator at home

The Work of Nikola Tesla

A true pioneer of electrical engineering, Nikola Tesla’s underappreciated work helped move the industry forward quite a bit due to his inventions and theories. One of the first devices Tesla created was the alternating current induction motor, which is powered by electromagnetic induction. The most common design of this is the squirrel cage motor. He then began work with x-rays, and was one of the first people to take a successful picture of the bones in his body.

Inventor of Radio Transmitter and Tesla Coil

In 1891 Tesla became a naturalized citizen of the United States, and two years later invented the first radio transmitter, which could transfer electromagnetic energy wirelessly. He also created one of his most famous inventions in 1891, which is known as the Tesla Coil. Though it was only used commercially for practical products for the first 20-30 years of its lifespan, it’s still commonly seen today in educational demonstrations and can even create unique sounding music.

In 1895 he attempted to create a generator which would not consume any fuel, though it was not a success as he required a material that was a thousand times more conductive than copper and a machine several miles in diameter.

Nikola Tesla’s Harnessed the Cosmic Rays

Though he claimed several times to have “harnessed the cosmic rays” in order to operate his free energy device, in the end Nikola Tesla’s generator was simply too far ahead of its time. Tesla’s work in the free energy sector is comparable to that of solar energy generators of today, as Nikola Tesla’s generator was largely to be powered by the sun.

Unfortunately for us, much of Tesla’s work in the free energy sector was stalled in 1895 whenever his laboratory burned down, which contained all of his patents, inventions, and equipment.

He then went in for another attempt at a free energy generator in 1909 which was known as his turbine design. It wasn’t an original design however, and was more of an improvement over one of Michael Faraday’s earlier creations.

Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity

Besides Nikola Tesla’s generator designs, he also created several field theories towards the end of his life. Though never successfully published, his dynamic theory of gravity was highly critical of Einstein’s theory of relativity, which Tesla thought contained many mathematical errors and faults. Tesla also worked on a high powered energy weapon until his death in 1943, though because he was unable to secure a government contract to fund the device, so it was never fully finished.

It seems that while Tesla invented several successful devices that advanced the technology of his time, he never truly was able to complete his more ambitious projects. Nikola Tesla’s generator designs all had some sort of flaw that prevented them from being practical, and he seemed to have a bit of bad luck whenever his lab burned down, which surely set him back on his progress. Though his Tesla coil still remains popular today, he was a brilliant inventor who should be famous for much more than that.

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