Ecological Architecture

The Role Of Architecture & Architects in our life

Architecture is one of the more important and interesting aspects of any living environment. With architecture people and firms design buildings and collaborate with real estate developers and construction companies to help put together a building project that benefits their community. The people who design the buildings are known as architects. These are highly trained professionals who have five years of study and have passed multiple parts of a rigorous exam. With their designs and ideas, they have been able to create many various buildings. There are many types of architecture including landscape architecture, general architecture and the now innovative ecological architecture.

Different Branches of Architecture

The various types of architecture each have their own purpose and primary function. Most architecture projects involve the design of houses and office buildings. Landscape architecture deals with the design of various structures in an area with lots of vegetation along with arrangements of where to put grass and trees in a given spot. One of the newest forms of architecture is ecological architecture. This is a type of architecture that deals with the design of buildings that are environmentally friendly. The typical characteristics of ecological architecture are buildings and homes that run on solar energy or any other energy source that doesn’t require oil or fossil fuels to run on. Eco architecture is the design and construction of green buildings. Over the next several years there will likely be more and more green buildings designed in order to preserve the environment.

Green Architecture: A Concept of Sustainability

By having many green buildings, architecture will now be very eco friendly and make the environment a much better place. One of the ways in which it will make the environment better is the ability to use solar energy, wind power and ethanol to run the functions of a home such as stoves and heating systems. These sources of energy are better for the environment because they do not pollute the air or contribute to poor water quality. With eco friendly architecture, people will have a way to avoid using fossil fuels and preserve the environment. Another way in which environmentally safe architecture is positive is that it won’t require as much materials and space to build homes and buildings. The many eco friendly homes and buildings are smaller than their past counterparts. With less space and materials required to build these structures, land will be less scarce and more vegetation such as grass and plants will be preserved.

During the last several years and in the coming years there is likely to be a surge in the development and construction of more environmentally friendly buildings. These projects will have a unique and innovative design. As stated earlier these homes and buildings will more compact and efficient than their predecessors. New architecture and development projects will consist of smaller buildings, smaller houses and systems run on solar energy and wind. With these designs, architecture will experience a complete transformation and a new evolution of green architecture. As a result the environment will be better off in the years to come.

The Economic Performance of Green Architecture

With the innovation of green architecture a boost to the economy can soon take place. By designing a new type of home with new energy systems there could be a new boom to the economy in the coming years. New projects will require new materials and therefore create more jobs in the manufacturing sector. There will also be a surge in growth for companies offering solar energy and wind systems. The many new projects will also create a boom in construction as these new types of houses and buildings will need to be built. As a result of all of this the economy can have a promising outlook in the future.

Green architecture is likely going to be a new and advantageous industry in the years to come. Architecture programs will likely soon have the design of green homes and buildings as the central part of the curriculum. Licensing exams will then require architects to pass the exams that have sections on green architecture. By having green architecture there will be an improvement in the environment and the overall quality of life. Not only will green architecture improve the environment but it will also create more opportunities for people to excel and get ahead. An abundance of job opportunities and businesses will create lots of growth and help the slumping economy get back on track. The development of green architecture can be one of the most evolutionary industries in the world in the coming years due to its many benefits.

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