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Big Environment Issues of 2018

One of the big environmental issues 2018 is that of clean water. In the state of Georgia alone, there is a continuous struggle between many counties for water rights. The problem also goes from state to state. The Chatahoochee River flows from North Carolina to Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

The city of Atlanta and many outlying areas depend on the river for their water supply. The Army Corp of Engineers regulates the flow of water into Lake Lanier, which is much of the area’s water reservoir. The lake has been below its original level for much of the last 20 years. Georgia argues that the Corp needs to slow down the release through the dam. Alabama and Florida say no, the level of their lakes and their part of the river must be maintained for the benefit of aquatic life.

Water Shortage in Future featured “15 Depressing Facts about the Coming Water Shortage.” This report is about the problem in the USA. One of the most chilling facts is the shortage of water in California. California has been said to have the capacity to feed the world. The report is from 2010, and one of the facts state that California is in its fourth straight year of drought. The ramifications are obvious.

Water Pollution

These big environment issues are just two of many in the United States and the world. In many parts of the world, there is disease and death due to a sparse supply of clean water. Poor sanitation due to the lack of clean water accounts for 1.4 million child deaths a year (WHO). This environmental issue can be largely eradicated for only $25 a head (Water Aid).

Clean Water Project in Africa

The Water Project is doing what it can do to tackle the environmental issues 2018 by drilling wells in Africa, where the lack of clean water is the cause for so much misery and suffering. The Water Project relies on funds from donations. They work in those countries that are most needful and where the positive effects can be felt most (

Land Grab (United Nation)

Another big environment issue is the need for food worldwide. This need is creating land grabs all around the world. In 2009, an article published on the site of Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations ( printed an article called Land grab or development opportunity? This political hotbed has human rights and environmental issue written all over it.

In Africa, there has been a grab for land over the last decade in the amount of over 2 million ha. As the world population grows, the plan for the grabbers is to clear the land for farming. The biggest questions are: What will this mean to the locals and their rights, and what will be the environmental issues arising from the clearing of so many ha?

It is comforting to think that mega corporations can help to feed the world by the acquisition of so much land. It is disquieting to read in the report that locals may be wronged in this process. While this may lead to the solution of some of Africa’s woes, the fact is that as far as locals are concerned, most likely only the few with land title will be compensated.

Land Concern Environmental Issue

Big environmental issues are a large concern where land clearing is involved. The land acquired for this would be put to good use, but the wildlife will be displaced and many of the less hardy species will die. There is no way of knowing what Africa will lose in this solution.

As is almost always the case, big solutions lead to big environment issues. Water and food are necessary to life, and the human race will do whatever is necessary to have both, and environmental issues resulting from the acquisition of those two will be secondary.

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