Free magnetic energy device

Ideas for Free Energy

Free energy has been a subject sought after for quite some time. Many discoveries and developments have been made over the years, but mysterious shrouds keep them down. Inventions and working prototypes disappear without a trace. Even media coverage, while strong sometimes, essentially “forgets” about stories they were just working on. Are governments and big corporations keeping down the inventor and his devices? There is no profit in giving away the secrets to better living.

Tesla’s Experiment

Nikola Tesla’s experiments have laid the ground work for a free energy device utilizing magnetic energy produced from coils. A smaller device has been circulated in the form of the magnetic flashlight. This flashlight uses a magnet to cross copper coils. The positive and negative poles of this magnet produces a charge inside the coils, which is harnessed by a capacitor. Through a switch on the flashlights casing, this capacitor can then be drained through the light bulb. Larger versions of this device are available for use.

Albert Einstein’s Zero Point Energy

Zero Point Energy, a concept developed by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern in 1913, is understood to be the infinite inexhaustible energy that transgresses space time. The energy of this quantum vacuum, is enormous and would provide the Earth with enough power to sustain it indefinitely. Providing this energy can be tapped into. However, what profit would there be if free energy existed? Essentially, it is like a disease…it is more profitable to treat the symptoms than it is to cure it. Since there is no money in free energy, oil companies and their kin will never allow something of this nature to come out immediately.

Perpetual Motion Machines

Perpetual motion machines in a closed system, in theory, breaks the first law of thermodynamics. Machines that produce work and energy without the input of energy goes against the law of conservation of energy. According to the laws of thermodynamics and scientists such as Albert Einstein, energy can not simply be created or destroyed. So, a true perpetual motion machine may never be viable. A close stand in could be constructed. While an energy needs to initialize the brief beginning moments in a perpetual motion machine, theoretically, a hand crank could be the catalyst in a device that produces enough energy to sustain itself and provide additional power.

An alternator inside a vehicle is spun by means of an external source, the engine. If the engine was smaller and powered by electricity, it is conceivable that the alternator could power this engine, which in turn spins the turbine inside the alternator. The reason why this is not a true testament to perpetual energy is because an external source still has to start the process.

While the past 20 years have began to yield positive results in the form of providing a free energy device to the populace, some resistance still remains. With the invention of the internet, people are now able to share ideas and improve on each others works to create devices to provide free energy. Nikola Tesla would be proud.

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