Free energy generator through magnetism

Nikolas Tesla and Free Energy Generation

Invention and Discovery

Electricity was discovered in 1660. The first effective battery was available 120 years later. Sixteen years later the first electric utility was formed selling power on limited basis. In 1820, the fact that magnetism and electricity were interrelated was discovered by two independent engineers. It only took one more year for the first electric motors to be produced.

For sixty years, a continuous stream of discoveries provided extensive knowledge into electricity, magnetism, transmission and conductivity of electricity. In 1880, Edison’s DC power systems were providing power on a wider basis. There were safety concerns due to the strength of DC current. Eight years later Nikola Tesla invented the AC alternator and the war of the currents began.

Commercialization and Transmission of Electricity

Big money and big companies took over commercialization of electricity while inventors and enthusiasts tried to come up with easier ways to produce and transmit electricity. In 1891 an experiment by Nikolas Tesla proved and demonstrated electrical power could be transmitted without wires to power devices using electricity for power.

At the turn of the century, the world was using steam power, electric power and soon the internal combustion engine in a big way. Big money, power and greed were definitely at work to see who would gain the largest market share from a market already clamouring for more power.

Free Energy Generation and Wireless Transmission of Power

Independent of each other Tesla and inventor John Keely worked on theories showing power could be generated and transmitted freely and without wires. Unfortunately, the competitive atmosphere pitted them against each other. Tesla’s proof of wireless electricity transmission and ideas on magnetism of the earth when combined were to eventually show that electricity could be generated freely and transmitted without wires.

Tesla did many experiments to prove a free energy generator was possible. He had working models but he had no money. Tesla was hated by power brokers in the petroleum, electric transmission and hydroelectricity areas. To this day, it is rumored the petroleum magnate J.P. Morgan managed to stifle interest in Tesla’s ideas until the day that he died. The world ignored the ideas of Tesla and it must be said he had many eccentric ideas. His propositions on free power generation and aether of the earth as the reason electricity was wirelessly transmittable were ridiculed by scientists. Later in the 20th century, Albert Einstein reopened the debate claiming that Tesla was correct, there had to be aether, reversing an earlier dismissal he had made in serious jest.

Because electricity and magnetism are connected and interrelated, the experiments of Tesla led down roads of amazing possibilities. Tesla claimed the power of the earth provided the opportunity for perpetual motion machines and anti-gravity enabled flight. While his proposed inventions appeared to be power free, he knew but rarely promoted that power came from the earth. Today companies like Zeropoint Energy and others still work to convince a hydrocarbon world there is another way, with proof that a free energy generator is possible and still exists.

Tesla’s Colorado Laboratory During Experiments

Free Energy Plan, Tesla turbine solar steam electrical generator

Tesla Wycliffe Atmospheric Electrical Power Transmission Tower

Scale Model Working Free Energy Generator

Graphic Image of Tesla holding atmospherically transmitted balls of electrical energy


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