How a Magnet Generator Works

The Mystery Of Human Creativity

Throughout the ages mankind has sought ways to power its imagination. The source of this power has varied through time, but it hare an essential trait among them all. All sources of power that mankind has used up until this point is in some sense limited and restricted to particular areas and or times and supplies. This is illustrated by simply looking to the water wheel which is limited to a source of water or to oil which is rapidly being depleted and removed from the earth. This unfortunate situation has forced mankind to rethink its ways of acquiring energy. Many have sought out news ways of thinking to solve his problem. One of the areas that are presently in consideration and in use is the use of magnetic energy. Magnetic energy has long been thought of as a possible source of free and limitless energy, but unfortunately up until now the technology and will were not present to exploit this powerful energy source. This brief article will discuss how free magnetic energy works ,has developed and what possible applications this exciting energy source can be used for.

The theory of acquiring energy from magnetic forces has been on the hearts and minds of some of the world’s top scientist through the ages. One very prominent individual who sought a way to use this power was Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla, though underappreciated in his time, is now being seen for the genius that he was. Tesla postulated extensively on the idea of free magnet energy. Unfortunately for Tesla the technology and funds were not available to him as it is now today. It is fortunate that the dream of magnetic energy did not die with him. Brave and bold scientists since his time have strived to make this power source a reality.

How magnetism manifests in the universe

Today thanks to the many thankless scientists who dedicated their lives to this dream,the average individual by simply following some easy to follow instructions and along with some simple tools is capable of building a machine that can run off of magnetic energy. No longer does the individual have to be tethered down by the utility company. The method of extracting magnetic energy is simple but profound. The system works by the power of magnetism. Basically the process works through a magnetic motor powered by electricity running in perpetual circular motion. This motion is the source of energy once it is connected to either a machine or to wiring to send the electricity elsewhere. The reason the machine is able to be powered is that the magnetic forces at play repeal one another infinitively and thus cause the motor to run in a circular motion. This is the motion that is transferred into energy.

An individual only needs to think of a basic automobile engine to have an idea of how a circular motion motor can be used to power an amazing array of items. Unlike a car motor though, once the machine is started there is no need to refuel or stop due to wear and tear or heat. This opens the machine for countless numbers of tasks. The mobility, low cost and countless other positives are encouraging signs for this technology to soon be at the forefront of energy production. Even now, many individuals use these machines to power their homes and machinery that they use for work. Truly the sky is the limit for this type of energy production and its possible uses.

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