How to make free energy device?

Harnessing Free Energy with a Tesla Generator

To most people, the idea of free energy seems like a holy grail of science, something that sounds too good to be true. The concept seems like something from a future so distant that it is not even worth thinking about at this point. Why does it seem too good to be true? Because it seems scientifically unfeasible. Consider the fact that not too long ago, generating electricity using solar power would have seemed unfeasible. Technology has come a long way in the last few years, with many new devices that would seem farfetched and like something out of science fiction even as recently as the 1970s.

Revolution of technology

The fact is that much of the technology used on this planet today had its origins in a series of technological revolutions that occurred at the beginning of the last century. These revolutions had many varied beginnings and came from the minds of many brilliant men, including Michael Faraday, Thomas Alva Edison, and George Westinghouse to name a few. All of these developments brought about the world of computers and cellphones and the Internet. No single man played a more important role in the invention of these things than one man: Nikola Tesla. It could be argued that Tesla had more of a role in creating the technology that humanity uses today than any of the other inventors of his time, possibly more than all of them combined.

Tesla, an Hungarian immigrant came to America and started work in the company of a man who was a genius in his own right: Thomas Edison.

A few of Tesla’s contributions to modern technology:

  • The Tesla coil, a means of producing higher current
  • Made the first radio transmission (he is considered by many to be the real father of radio, before Marconi, having pioneered much of the technology used by Marconi).
  • The Tesla Induction motor
  • Fluorescent lighting

In addition to all of his completed inventions, Nikola Tesla also left behind plans for other devices that he never had the time to build.

The Nikola Tesla Generator

Potentially his most important device was a method of creating electricity without fuel, the device used magnets and magnetic energy in order to generate the electricity. Yes, the holy grail of free energy. This magnetic energy device was thought to be lost to the public but has recently been rediscovered. The Nikola Tesla generator is thought to be an updated version of Michael Faraday’s generator. The device is driven by magnets, which it uses to create a self-sustaining current.

Throughout history there have been many crackpot ideas for creating free energy and perpetual motion machines, none of these have come to fruition. More importantly, none of these ideas were conceived by Nikola Tesla. That fact alone sets this idea of magnetic energy apart from all others. His legacy automatically gives credence and legitimacy to the notion of a fuel-free self-sustaining generator.

The big question for most people will be, if such a device exists, how is it possible to get one? The plans for the Nikola Tesla generator, may actually be simple enough that they could be built for home, therefore this free magnetic energy may be available to most people right now.

Nikola Tesla Generator & Oil Prices

The rediscovery of the Nikola Tesla generator comes along at a time in history when most people are struggling with a bad economy and oil prices are fluctuating. While to some skeptics and pessimists this may make the promise of magnetic energy seem even more like a pipe dream, it should be pointed out that this is the time at which it is most needed.

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