Free Energy Magnets

There are not many people who will not sit up and take notice of the word free. Free attracts people like a magnetic pull. The cost of everything is rising these days and people are doing what they can to keep costs down. From retail sales to all kinds of services, costs are escalating at unbelievable rates and people just cannot seem to keep up. Most would not survive some of the cold and brutal winter months if it were not for energy to keep us warm.

Power your home for free

Whether people are heating with electricity, gas, oil, steam, coal, or wood, each and every avenue is seeing the cost rising. So what are people to do? Some have turned to solar energy, some heat with wood if they are fortunate to have an abundant wood supply to cut and heat with, otherwise wood is just as expensive to buy for heating purposes. More people are looking into using the wind for alternate energy. One option that many folks may not be aware of is magnetic energy for producing electricity. This form of energy is fast becoming a popular option for homes and businesses.

Children are sometimes fascinated at a simple magnet and it pulls on certain objects and will play with the magnet becoming fascinated at its properties. This simple magnet has created quite a stir in the field of energy to heat homes. Magnetic electricity works on the same principle as our common household electricity, however it is able to skip all of the steps that are costing us money to make common electricity to heat our homes. It can set in motion the last steps to create electricity without the costly first steps that common electricity goes through.

Many households have invested in backup generators in the event of power outages. While generators serve a valuable purpose to keep households going in an emergency they too can be costly. Magnetic electricity generators can be built at home and utilized to decrease electric bills and in some instances make electric bills non existent.

Power companies Are using it allready

Power companies have used magnetic energy for years. It is a little known secret that they do not want the public to know about. Power companies get their money to operate from the consumer. It is not in their scheme of things to help the consumer save on their energy bills, no matter what they claim. There is a way that the consumer is able to realize an abundance of free flowing energy within their homes. And, magnet energy is all free to the consumer.

People are turning to alternative energy sources to survive. Who would have thought that through the field of science and physics a consumer could eliminate a monthly energy bill? Magnet energy has been around for over 100 years. The inventor at the forefront of magnetic energy was Nikola Tesla. His secret is out and available on just how simply one can build a magnet generator which would eliminate their electricity bill for good.

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