Magnetic Electricity Generator

The Magnetic Electricity Generator: Fact, Not Fiction

The Magnetic Electricity Generator is no myth. For years people have been told that the perpetual motion devices aren’t worth it and don’t live up to their claims. These aren’t perpetual motion, but magnetically driven for a near zero cost generation of electricity. A single generator can be easily built using step by step plans to power an entire house. Because this device threatens billions of dollars from the Energy Industry, the Government is making sure they aren’t mass produced by any single company. To try and do so would get that company shut down for whatever reasons they want to invent.

To circumvent the legal issues, you must not build to sell or even give away Magnetic Electricity Generators. You must build one only for personal use and with your own two hands. You don’t need to be an electrical engineer to do it and there are videos with the step by step plans to help you along the way. The magnetic generator itself is easily assembled with all the major parts purchased separately. The plans will do more than show you how to put it together, but will provide a contact list of suppliers whom you can call for the best prices.

How to Build a Magnetic Power Generator ?

So how does it actually work? We start with three magnets. Two of them are placed as polar opposites so they create a magnetic field. The third magnet is used to balance the opposition between the two, which is then used to power the turbine that creates electricity. All it takes to get it going is a small burst of electricity, and it will power itself from there on out.

Sell Energy Back to the Grid

What this means is free electricity! Unlike solar and wind power, this will produce energy 100% of the time. Just like solar and wind energy, it can be hooked up to your house’s energy grid in conjunction with your electric company. That’s right, you can sell electricity right back to the company who’s been robbing your paycheck every month. Just flip the lever, listen for the relay to click and then watch the dial on the electric meter run backwards. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The costs to make a Magnetic Electricity Generator can vary on what you personally do. Most plans cost anywhere between $40 and $50 and the parts to assemble one around $150 to $200 on average. There are some companies out there who will do most of the assembly, but they can charge thousands. The right path of investment is up to you. No matter which route you go, you’ll save money by erasing that electric bill… forever!

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