You may not realize this but obtaining free energy isn’t impossible.

That’s right, I said free.

Is there a way to obtain Free Energy ?

So how can such a feat be accomplished you ask? Well it’s easy, say hello to – magnet energy power!

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to obtain free electricity through the use of magnets is by constructing a magnetic motor. This type of motor is unique in that it utilizes magnets to cause the engine shaft to rotate. When the shaft is then connect to an electrical generator, it can actually produce a limited amount of electricity.

Pretty cool, eh?

But even cooler than how a magnet motor works is how easy it is to construct. It costs very little to construct a magnet motor and there is also no additional costs one must have to incur to get it to run. As it uses the power of magnetic forces, a magnet motor doesn’t require any additional source of energy to keep it running.

Many individuals may associate the magnet met or compare it to being some sort of perpetual motion motor. A perpetual motion motor is a machine which runs non-stop and yields a far larger amount of energy than what it takes in. Perpetual motion motors also run by themselves and do not need an additional source of power as well. The end result from the perpetual motion is it is then converted in electricity.

How to Build Your Own Magnet Motor ?

So how does one go about creating a magnet motor?

Constructing a magnet motor is actually much easier than most would ever guess. It’s conception centers around the motor evolving around both the size and positioning of the magnets being used. Remember, with magnets you want to ensure each end is polarized, with one end positively charges and other negatively charged. Also, if you place two magnets with the same polarity close to each other, it will create a magnetic force which will actually repel them and create motion. When one then takes this motion and transforms it into perpetual motion, the energy which is then produced for a generator creates free electricity.

Unfortunately, finding a plan for the construction of a magnet motor online can be a daunting task. There is literally thousands online, many of which are basically just experiments. A number of these plans are for motors which can only produce enough energy for a light bulb as well. You’re only going to be able to find a few websites which have test and proven methods when it comes to magnet motor construction. With that said, the amount of time you search for a good plan will be worth as you could end up saving a ton on electricity.

So remember. Finding free electricity isn’t an impossibility by any means. Through the use of simple magnets, combined with a solid design and game plan for the construction of a magnet motor, and you could easily wind being glad you put the time in to it when your monthly electricity bill begins to go down.

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