Thin Solar Film Technology

Thin Film Solar Cells will Revolutionize the Solar Panel Market

Solar panels are now the first choice of all those who want to switch to alternate energy sources. But what are these thin film solar cells and what is so exciting about this technology? Well, they are specially made panels that work exactly in the same way as traditional panels, but are significantly thinner and need much lesser material when they are manufactured.

The two factors that were responsible for the emergence of solar energy as a preferred source of power were cost of the panels, and the installation hassles. These two issues are now being addresses with these thin film panels.

Thin Solar Film Technology

Well, it is a way of laying very thin photovoltaic film on a incredibly thin back support. This became possible due to the invention of solar ink. This process helps in the fast and mass production of thin solar panels where thin photovoltaic material is printed onto a thin plastic or metal in a same way as books are printed in the press. Due to their manufacturing process, the cost and time required to produce them is reduced to a faction of the cost that was earlier incurred in producing the traditional panels. Using the latest technology, now it is possible to produce such panels at just five percent of their original cost of manufacturing!

Thin film solar panels vs. polycrystalline PV

Now thin film solar panels are available on the market for installation on rooftops. They are applied directly on the finished roof, and can also be integrated in its covering. The biggest advantage of these thin panels is that they are light in weight and can even be walked on (with care). Aside from that, they are not prone to wind lifting.

Manufacturers are now developing semitransparent solar cells that can even be applied as window glazing. These solar cells also function as window tinting while from generating electricity.

What’s The Difference Between Thin-Film And Crystalline-Silicon Solar Panels

In the past few years, manufacturers have been successful in bringing down the cost of thin film solar modules and are now gaining competitive strength using advanced thin film technology. The traditional crystalline silicon technology will continue to dominate the solar energy market for few more years as they still have considerable development potential as regards to cost.

Thin Film Solar Panels: Do They Make Sense?

Being lighter and much smaller, these thin film solar panels are incredibly versatile. Aside from using them on rooftops to tap solar energy, they are also being increasingly used to power laptops, replace generators in the RVs and also for charging cell phones.

These solar panels are also used by the police and military for generating solar energy for emergency services. In the remote areas they are used for powering the lighting signals, weather stations, and water pumping systems.

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