Nikola Tesla and Radio Waves

Nikola Tesla Was a Man Ahead of His Time

For many years, people have been aware of the fact that we are surrounded by free energy. Some examples of free energy include solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro. Figuring out cost effective ways to harness these types of energy has been the goal of many scientists for decades. Not only are these types of energy free, but they are also renewable, which makes researching them essential and even more intriguing in the field of electricity.

In a world that has become so dependent on nonrenewable energy sources, the work of experts who are trying to capture and utilize free energy is of utmost importance. One huge advantage that these scientists and engineers have are the prior research and inventions of pioneers in the field such as Nikola Tesla.

Tesla is a World Renowned Inventor

Tesla was a mechanical and electrical engineer as well as a world renowned inventor. Tesla had the dream of providing everyone across the globe with free energy, and this aspiration translated into hundreds of patented inventions. As a result, he has left behind a legacy of energy related work that lives on in all corners of the world today. Not only are his inventions and research still used, but his theories are as well.

Tesla Invented First Remote Control Model Boat

Tesla is credited with using radio waves to generate radio transmission and remote control. In fact, he patented the first remote controlled model boat, which demonstrated the first use of radio waves in 1898. Without Tesla’s advancements concerning communication through radio waves, many wonder if wireless technology would be as advanced as it is today. Following are some of his other inventions.

  • The AC Electrical Supply System
  • The Bladeless Turbine Engine and Pump
  • The Electric Motor
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • The Laser
  • Robotics
  • The Rotating Magnetic Field

Tesla’s Generator

One of his greatest inventions is The Nikola Tesla Generator. Much like Tesla’s work with converting radio waves into electrical waves, Tesla’s generator turns the free energy surrounding us into electric power. The Nikola Tesla Generator began with the theory that a specially designed machine could gather reserves of the sun’s energy in the atmosphere. More specifically, energy from the constantly flowing rays of the sun, which become trapped in the earth’s atmosphere, could be transformed into an electric current. In his opinion, gathering this heat was the best way to create a constant source of useable energy because it would never run out. This theory led to more than 30 years of research which eventually yielded the blueprint for the Nikola Tesla Generator.

Not only does the Nikola Tesla Generator provide electricity at no cost, the energy is also renewable and eco friendly. Generators modeled after Tesla’s original design provide clean energy because they do not release toxic chemicals or fumes into the atmosphere.

So many of Nikola Tesla’s inventions are a major part of day to day operations throughout the world and will continue to foster new ideas. Without Tesla’s exhaustive efforts, who knows how technologically advanced society would be today, and it all began with his curiosity about free energy and a desire to provide everyone on earth with access to it.

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