Nikola Tesla is one of the most famous inventors, having earned the title of “The Man Who Invented the 20th Century.” Perhaps the most infamous of his inventions was his attempt to create a free energy device to provide electricity for the entire world through wireless transmission in a project known as Wardenclyff Tower. The wonders of his wirelessly transmitted electricity had already been shared at the World’s Colombian Exposition of 1893 when he wireless lit enough bulbs to light the entire city and stunned the patrons. Now he sought to do this on the grander scale, but even though he had done it successfully in the past, some people remained apprehensive.

Prior to the development of the Wardenclyff Tower, he started on the smaller scale projects. His most famously known invention is the Tesla Coil, which was patented in 1891 and designed for the transmission of electricity through the air. Tesla Coils were used until the 1920’s for commercial and medical purposes but now are mostly used for entertainment and educational purposes. However, the big project came later.

The massive Wardenclyff Tower was funded by J.P. Morgan, which Tesla convinced him to do after showing him the potential it held. The initial plan for the project was to transmit radio waves, which is what his investor found lucrative. However, Maroni beat him to the punch and he decided to shift the project in a new direction. Tesla decided that he would reconfigure the Wardenclyff Tower in an attempt to provide free electricity to the entire world if they wanted to use it. This made J.P. Morgan nervous as an investor because this meant more money to, essentially, start over and as a giant in the electricity industry it would be the end to the electricity industry as they knew it.

The basic concept of the tower was to harness the radiant energy that surrounds us from the cosmic ray using a massive antenna, the tower, to create a self-propelling system for limitless, free energy. This plan was based on his claims that there is latent energy all around us and negative energy in the ground to feed off of for our energy sourcing. After years of failed attempts to get it up and running and tweaking the various components of the machine, the project eventually failed. J.P. Morgan pulled his funding and effectively ended the threat to the electricity industry. Tesla held on to his grand masterpiece as long as he could, but eventually, he moved back to New York and abandoned what promised to be an incredible feat. However, he continued to fight to prove that his concept was possible by continuing to invent small-scale free energy devices.

Even though Wardenclyff died and his following inventions were never seen through to testing, the ideas and inventions lived on. Could they be the key to completing the concept of free energy?

Tesla’s concepts are pervasive in our society and there is some suggestion that free energy is right at our fingertips, waiting at Wardenclyff Tower and with the inventions that he left behind as his legacy. There have been additional research attempts to create free energy, though some attempts were more innocent than others. During the Soviet era in Russia, a Tesla Tower was built that is still functional and supposedly provides energy for the entire country for a millionth of a second. More recently, the U.S. Government HAARP Program used Tesla’s concepts for likely more sinister intents for the U.S. Air Force and was shut down shortly after it was started. On a more innocent note, many other attempts to build a functional Tesla Coil have been conducted by children to professional researchers.

The concept of free energy lives on and inspires the masses to discover what was a dream for the late inventor. Progress continues to be made as researchers continue to build and test Tesla’s invention in order to create a free energy generator for access to electricity for all. It is only a matter of time before a new brilliant mind cracks the blueprint that was left behind by Nikola Tesla.

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