Nikola Tesla accredited for the production of several incredible inventions that changed the face of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and expedited the development of our society. There are a few inventions in particular that continue to be incredibly important to modern society.

Alternating Current Electrical Energy
This is probably the most important development made in Tesla’s career as an inventor and engineer. Alternating current, or AC, electrical energy competed with Edison’s alternative DC electricity in a battle win the title as the safest, most effective, and most affordable form of electricity transmission for commercial and residential purposes. Despite Edison’s persistence to sabotage Tesla’s efforts, it was Tesla’s AC that won the war and it continues to be the system that provides our society with electricity today.


Tesla Coil
Perhaps the most infamous creation is the Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil was developed in his New York lab in an early attempt to develop a free energy generator. This was a dramatic display of energy transmission that he used in many of his presentations at his New York, which aided in his notoriety as an excellent showman. It was a transformer that produced high voltages that created what looked like lightning when used to its full capacity. As famous as it was and continues to be, it isn’t used practically in our society beyond as an educational and entertainment tool. However, there are many who still attempt to build a Nikola Tesla generator using this design.

Electric Motor
Almost 100 years prior to its modern popularity, Tesla is responsible for inventing the electric motor. The design was too soon for its time as big oil companies nearly stomped this incredible feat of ingenuity into obscurity. It would have meant an early end for the developing oil corporations that run our society today, but now it is becoming increasingly popular with the car named for its engines inventor. Though it was lost for engine development, it laid the groundwork for many more devices that we use in our day-to-day lives, such as household appliances, electric wristwatches, power tools and more based on the design of this Nikola Tesla generator for electrical energy.

Wireless Communication
The cornerstone of his career, that ultimately led to the downfall of his reputation, was Tesla’s attempt to develop wireless communication between his inventions. Wireless communication was his the primary goal of his career and he did successfully create a remote control with the first remotely controlled miniature boat. However, his dream to create a free energy generator to provide limitless, wireless energy to the entire world was not realized. This historic effort continues to inspire inventors to create a Nikola Tesla generator for free energy and speculation persists that the secret to free energy may be hiding within his hundreds of patents and inventions. Had his ambitions not been thwarted by J.P. Morgan, when he withdrew funding from his Wardenclyff Tower project, many believe that he would have succeeded in his plan to wirelessly transmit electricity for the world to use.

These are only a few of the incredible inventions that made Tesla infamous. He truly was the man who created the 20th century and is responsible for the technology we have available in our modern society. Though he may be long gone, his fame continues to inspire the masses and shapes our future as a pervasive influence on the engineering of new technology.