Save Energy Slogans

Save Energy Slogans


Energy conservation saves at the speed of light.

Take “charge” of your life!

Don’t waste our potential, save energy every day.

Give the planet your best, give the electricity a rest.

You don’t need electricity to have power.

Power down!

Save energy and power change.

Keep the electricity light.

Go light on the light switch.

Think outside the outlet.

Power the planet!

Unplug yourself.

Less watts means more power.

Look beyond the power bill.

Break a bad habit, conserve power today.

Save energy, save the planet.

Give the planet a break.

Don’t let the daily grind eat the planet away, save electricity away.

You can’t put your kids through college on a cinder. Save electricity at the office every day.


Here are some “Save Energy Slogans” for around the house.


If you don’t use it don’t plug it in.

Fight phantom power!

Save energy, save time.

Don’t throw those electrons away! Save electricity.

Unplug utilities for great justice!

Less watts are more.

Evolution begins at home.

The future begins at your light switch.

Don’t wire yourself in, unplug unused electronics.

Let the sun buy your groceries; plant a garden!


Here are some “Save Energy Slogans” about global warming.


Chill out; stop global warming.

Drive less, walk more.

It may not be our fault, but it sure is our problem; fight global warming!

Why not try a bike? Pass on the gas!

Less gas is more fun.

Keep the gas in the ground, ride a bike.

Fight leadfoot.

Let the sun pay your electric bill, go solar.

Keep cool, stop global warming.

Don’t let the dinosaurs die twice, save gasoline.

An idling car is the devil’s plaything. Turn it off!

Cars don’t burn gasoline, they burn money.

Whoa partner!

Ease off so that we all can live.

Driving fast wastes gas.

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