Environmentally friendly companies

Feeling the urge to go more green, many of the largest companies in the world have made great changes to eliminate waste and greenhouse gasses. However, sometimes this is just a cover for the marketing side of things. The good thing is that there are many companies truly doing great things for the environment. From the technology sector to the automobile one there has been a lot of change going on. More people are choosing greener lifestyles so these companies want to reflect that and make an impact on a larger scale. Here are the most environmentally friendly companies of 2018.


Back when climate change was an issue that no one discussed let alone knew about there was a company starting to do environmentally friendly things. IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative has made the company in to what it is today, forward thinking. In 1971 they started these plans on the corporate level and have integrated them into every part of the company. They have won many awards for their thoughtfulness and they are still working hard to make their company even greener.


Yes, it may be surprising but Samsung has also implemented some brilliant eco friendly strategies. They have a recycle program where the customer can bring back their old electronics and they will be recycled in a way that keeps harmful chemicals from getting out into water. Many throw their old smartphones or laptops away but these items contain many chemicals that can poison wildlife. Samsung also has dedicated itself to making a greener company as a whole. From the management team to the neighborhoods they live in they are working on making everything more eco friendly.


Although they use an incredible amount of wood every year for their ubiquitous furniture products they have implemented a more sustainable plan. By rejuvenating the soil and planting new trees for the future they are making sure that what they use will grow once again. Also, back when the issue was just getting started they switched out the power eating incandescent bulbs for power saving ones. They still only sell this type of bulb.

Hewlett Packard

HP was the first high tech company to report on the greenhouse gasses that they were emitting in their supply chain. This was back in 2008 and now nearly all corporations have to do the same. It says a lot about the company when they voluntarily put the time and effort into finding how much they impact the earth and putting profits on the side. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started this company with intentions to make the world better, and they are still doing that grandly.


Running one of the most viewed web sites on the internet means that the content can really make an impact on how people live as a whole. Yahoo has many sections on their site that give healthy lifestyle tips and this doesn’t just mean diets. They give information on how to live a greener life and how to cause less waste. Also, their new data center uses 40% less energy than the average one of that size.

Maker’s Mark

Yes the very popular brand of whiskey also has some very serious environmentally friendly technology behind it. Recently they installed an anaerobic digestion processor in one of their main locations. This system uses biofuel to power all of the boilers in the building. This one change made their gas bill much smaller as it decreased natural gas usage by 30%. They know that this investment will also pay off in the end as they save gas every year.


Over the last five years Intel has been one of the most innovative and productive users of green technology. The implements they have made have won them many awards and given them much to celebrate. Intel generates much of it’s energy supply from natural resources and they are investing more and more into it every year.

Earth Tec

Unlike the other companies on this list, this one was created with the environment very much in mind. Earth Tex is a clothing manufacturer that uses recyclables in the production process. Plastic bottles are literally being put into their T-shirts rather than being thrown into a landfill.

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