Nikola Tesla was one of the worlds most famous inventors and produced many inventions that the shaped life as we know it today. However, no inventor is without his secrets. The is speculation about studies that he conducted in secrecy, but perhaps the most curious of his secrets was his apparent obsession with the number 3. Many of his life habits fell in 3’s or multiples of 3, such as walking around the block 3 times before entering a building or living out of hotel rooms that were numbers that were only devisable by 3. With no complete explanation for this fixation, that leaves many wondering, what was this obsession all about? How is it related to his career as an inventor? Was it simply a symptom of his fall into madness described by the media? There are a series of theories regarding Tesla’s curious need to do things in 3’s.

The most reasonable explanation is that he had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), but it goes beyond that diagnosis. While it is largely accepted that Tesla did have an extreme case of OCD, he chose 3’s and multiples of 3’s specifically, with a notable concern with 3, 6, and 9. He claimed that these numbers were extremely important and that they are the “key to the universe.”

The question remains, why these numbers? Relative to the obsession in this algorithm is the basic concepts in Sacred Geometry, the binary system, and vortex math. Sacred Geometry is relative to patterns in the universe that we find, one of them being the “Golden Ratio” that is commonly found and naturally occurring. The binary system is relating to the creation of at a cellular level in how cells split and create an increasing number of cells using the power of 2. Lastly, vortex math is simply a pattern that repeats itself. Where does the 3, 6, 9 pattern fit in?

It doesn’t.

Some scientists believe that the pattern Tesla was fixated represents the “flux field” which is a vector from the third to fourth dimensions. This may be the key to free energy and Tesla’s life work. Supposedly the “flux field” has a higher dimensional energy. Essentially, these numbers are the key to the universe because they are beyond these other patterns found in nature and are ultimately the answer to our existence. It is considered to be a pattern that suggests and symbolizes enlightenment.

In fact, we see 3’s appear in religion. The holy trinity, for example, relies on the concept of three holy bodies leading the pathway to God. This is made apparent by The Borromean Rings. The basic concept of the rings is that you need three things to reach God or enlightenment. For example, God is life and is surrounded by the father, son, and holy ghost or God is surrounded by word, light, and life. Could this be the related to Tesla’s claim that understanding 3, 6, and 9 will led to understanding the universe?

In addition to the speculation about why Tesla fixated on these numbers, there is the question of how did he come to find it so important? There are theories that range from visitation by alien life to simply discovering it during his mathematical studies. The first, and most mystical, a theory of alien visitation happened to develop around the time that United States citizens started to make claims of UFOs and abductions. The man who made the claim states that he based this off of evidence in some of Tesla’s research files that he got his hands on during an auction in 1976 that vanished at the hands of men in black twenty years later. There is no evidence to support this claim now that we know of, which may be related to the claim that they disappeared.

A more logical explanation is that in his years of studying number theory and the appearance of numerical patterns in nature, Tesla noticed that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 did not appear regularly as other numbers did. He then started down his path in an attempt to understand why this was the case. As discussed previously, the mathematical patterns involved with these numbers are often associated with enlightenment or, in terms with science, represents the “flux field.” This may have been the energy field that Tesla was trying use in order to provide free energy access to the world with the minimal loss of electrical charge across long distances.

There are several other theories as to why he developed this fixation including potential revelations from his work with vibrations, frequency, and energy. Perhaps we may never know the true answer to why Tesla obsessed over these specific numbers, but his words will forever haunt and intrigue us.

“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” -Nikola Tesla