Permanent Magnetic Generator

Permanent Magnetic Generator

Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), a Croatian- born mechanical and electrical engineer and inventor, was in large part responsible for the electrical power industry as we know it today. His numerous inventions in the free energy sector earned him over three hundred patents around the globe, and many others were never placed under patent protection. They include the the alternating current polyphase power distribution system, the radio frequency oscillator, the bladeless turbine, and various devices used in voltage magnification and multiplication, X rays, robotics, and lightning protection. And even today, almost seventy years after his death, news often pops up about some device of his about which the information has only recently come to light. One is the Nikola Tesla generator, or magnetic generator.

Nikola Tesla Generator can be used to produce FREE electricity

The hundred- year- old Nikola Tesla generator can be used to produce FREE electricity. “Electric power,” announced Tesla in 1934, “is everywhere present in unlimited quantities, it can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other fuel.” This magnetic generator is, more specifically, built around the principle that the sun is charged with positive electricity while the earth is charged with negative electricity, so that a field of ready- for- use energy is constantly surrounding our planet. The trade name for the Nikola Tesla generator is Nicola Tesla Secret™, and already it is being used by customers across the United States (and around the world, too, though the figures are unavailable), of whom 94.9 percent are satisfied with its performance.

Place to Buy Nikola Tesla Generator

To buy the Nikola Tesla generator, go to, where six bonuses are available, each costing from $34 to $47 if purchased separately; they can also be bought together for $290.99. The individual elements include two kits— Magnets 4 Energy and Phones 4 Energy— with which the buyer can assemble his own magnetic generator by following the accompanying instructions. The other bonuses are four handbooks— “the Renewable Energy Handbook,” “Living Green,” “Gas Saving Devices,” and “Fuel Efficient Vehicles”— each of which gives valuable information about how to save energy or put together one’s own solar panels and wind turbines, in the simplest non- technical language comprehensible to any layman.

Testimonials by customers bear witness that this system really does work. One reports that, after trying one useless “free power” product after another, he tried Tesla’s magnetic generator and “it literally turned by electric meter backwards!” Another: “Whenever I look at my electric bill, I cannot take the smile off my face!” Another: “First, I made a small one for my cell phone –and it worked! Now, I will build a bigger one next week.”

The numerous other generators invented by Tesla— all under patent protection— include:

  • The electromagnetic motor (1888)— a synchronous motor that connects with an alternating current generator
  • Three dynamo- electric machines (1888)— Of these, the last works efficiently at low speeds and creates rotating magnetic poles.
  • Another electromagnetic motor (1889)— an induction motor that uses at least two energizing circuits

What Tesla really proved, above all else, was that, despite what scientists have often repeated, free energy does indeed exist. This fact will come as a relief to those who are having to struggle to pay their electricity bills. It is just too bad the generator’s existence was kept secret for so long, and was not revealed until just recently.

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