Using Wind power to your Benefit.

Creating energy naturally can be achieved by employing one of the quickest, cheapest means of gaining power: wind turbines and windmills! What is a Windturbine? How does the turbine work how does it convert wind into electricity? How much power can a windmill produce? These questions will be addressed in this short, informative article.

Difference between Windmill and Wind turbine

What is a Windturbine? Windmills and wind turbines are essentially similar machines, but each has a distinct use. A windmill is used to mill grain or pump water, while wind turbines use the kinetic energy of the wind to create electrical energy. A wind turbine is a fan-like machine with large blades that catch wind. It is essentially a wind powered electrical generator. Wind turbines make energy without producing any greenhouse gases which are harmful to the environment.

Working of Wind turbine

How does the turbine work how does it convert wind into electricity? Instead of electricity propelling the blades around, much like a conventional fan, with a wind turbine the wind actually propels the blades around and in turn these blades cause the rotor to spin. The spinning rotor, connected to an electric generator, then produces electrical energy which can be used to power homes, businesses, farms and much more. In fact Whitman College, in Wala Wala Washington”…has the third most installed wind power generation capacity of any institution… in the US… there are now 70 … turbines… on Whitman-owned farmland with a… capacity of over 38 MW…”

How much power can a wind turbine produce? Wind turbines are known to provide tens of thousands of megawatts of energy globally. Not only are they an excellent alternative to traditional fossil fuel propelled generators but they produce clean energy.

So creating energy naturally can be done. With a little effort and the power of the wind!

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