Windmill power is better for the environment

Our nation and the world abroad are searching for greener ways to live. Clean energy is just one issue many concerned citizens are advocating for. Windmill power is an excellent choice of green energy. Windmills produce varying amounts of energy. It depends upon the size of the windmill and also upon the wind conditions. Each of the windmills have a minimum annual amount of wind needed to generate power, with smaller windmills needing less wind and larger windmills needing more.

Advantages of windmill

It isn’t just giant commercial windmill farms using windmills as a power source these days. More and more people are purchasing, or making, their own windmills to use at home. Often they can greatly reduce, or even eliminate, their electric bill. Businesses, schools and other institutions are successfully using windmills for power as well. For example, an elementary school in Spirit Lake, Iowa amassed enough power to not only run their own school’s electricity, but they received 25,000 dollars from the utility company in their first five years of operations. The utility company purchased their excess power for their own usage.

Windmills are just one kind of wind turbine available for use. A wind turbine is is any device that converts energy in the wind into mechanical energy. Wind turbines rotate to create energy that can be used for electricity. Windmill power can save many people a large amount of money while helping us all have a greener earth to live on.

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